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Gender Data Navigator (Beta version)

The Gender Data Navigator is a searchable inventory of gender-related questions found in survey and census questionnaires from low- and middle-income countries. It provides a convenient data discovery tool to researchers interested in identifying surveys and censuses that collected data on a particular topic of interest. The application also identifies surveys containing data that could allow the production of a list of gender indicator defined by the Inter-agency and Expert Group on Gender Statistics (IAEG-GS).

The Gender Data Navigator is a tool to identify and locate datasets of interest. It does not provide data, but it provides a link to the IHSN Central Survey catalog where detailed metadata (questionnaires and others) can be found. If the microdata are available on-line, the IHSN Survey catalog will provide a link to the relevant data repository.

The assessment form used to conduct the inventory and more information on the project can be found in our project page.

The Gender Data Navigator is still in its development phase and the underlying (meta)data are yet to be finalized. New functionalities are being added to the application (e.g., possibility to create a list of surveys by combining multiple queries, or opening a list directly in the IHSN catalog)

The inventory is as of October 2013. The IHSN plans to periodically upldate the database.

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